We get ton's of questions from interested customers. Here are the answers to most. If you can't find your answer just email us !

How can we offer these wraps for literally half the cost of our competitors? Ask yourself this: why would you pay 400.00 for a 5 pc set of wraps, when in most cases your drum set does not even cost that much?

  1. What is the thickness of the wrap? It's almost the same thickness as manufactured drum wraps but just as durable. Any thicker and applying over existing wrap would be impossible. ( 21 mils to be exact )
  2. Can you apply with glue? We don't recommend it ( it tends to more difficult to apply this way ) but if you must, then go for it. Some customers have done it this way with no issues. We suggest spray adhesive if you must.
  3. Do we sell or make pearls or glitters? No glitters period. But we do make our version of pearls. 1966 black pearl is in oyster section. Also, digital versions of Oyster Black Pearl can be found in the Vintage- Mod section.
  4. What happens if I make a mistake? Email us and send the wrap back. We will send another one out at just the cost of shipping and handling!
  5. Do we upcharge for custom designs? NO! send us your image via email. We need 10"x10"of at least 1200x1600 dpi. Otherwise, the image blown up looks grainy.
  6. Can we match a design to your set? No, we do not do a color match for single designs anymore. 
  7. Do we offer quantity discounts? We do if you're buying multiple sets on a regular basis. Our prices are already as low as we can offer to the public.
  8. Will the wraps fade over time or do they hold up to heat? The wrap will not fade or can be in direct sunlight with no issues.
  9. What do you clean the wraps with? Soft cloth (non-abrasive) and warm water with some dawn dish detergent.
  10. I'm not very handy. Can I apply these? Yes it a very simple process. Watch our install videos.



 Jon Larsen Of Volbeat

Digital Drummer Magazine February 2014 review
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