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The videos above were sent to us by our friends Anthony King and Randy of Vanz Drumming. They show you how easy it is to install a wrap from Bum Wrap Drum Company.


Now that you purchased the best drum wraps on the market lets install them.


TOOLS NEEDED: Rubber clamps- You can buy these clamps at any hardware store for a couple bucks each. You will also need a hammer, putty knife, phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, sharp exacto knife, and flashlight.



Step 1. - Remove all hardware ,drum manufacturer labels, "airhole/airvent " grommets, etc. The idea is to have the drum shell be as smooth as possible. Major cracks or gaps should be filled in with wood putty.




You will need a hammer and flathead screw driver. Tap around the grommet from the inside going around until it can be popped out from either side. We also sell grommets CHEAP so just order the appropriate sizes on the order form under PURCHASE NOW.




Some are just held by screws, so unscrew them. But if they are glued or nailed. Take a putty knife. CAREFULLY slide underneath and work around the badge. DO NOT BEND the badge. Let it keep its slight circular form. Then use some spray adhesive to re-apply.



Step 2. - Lay the wrap face down on a smooth surface such as a carpeted area, so as not to scratch the finish. Decide where you would like to place the "seam" of the wrap. (I always try and place the seams on the side of the drum that will not be facing the audience. It is also not necessary to place the "seam" underneath a set of lug-casings). Practice placing the wrap around the drum as tightly and evenly as possible. Once you are comfortable take two rubber clamps and clamp the wrap end on the side which will be overlapped about 2 inches back. Determine where the wrap will overlap. Take your hand and pull wrap tight around the drum and continue to keep pressure as you work around the shell and clamp again . Finally remove the backing from the pre-installed double sided tape and while keeping a tight hold adhere the overlapped end to the wrap. 


Step 3. -The wrap should be tight around the drum. Now is the time to slide wrap side to side to even it out.  Punch all the holes for lugs and ventholes. I sometimes find it easier putting a light inside the drum so as to light up the holes from the inside out. Then use your phillips screwdriver and with your finger on the outside of holes, put slight pressure until it leaves a mark on the outside. Now punch through from the outside with the same screwdriver. I like to use a sharp exacto knife from the inside to cut out bigger vent holes, tom arm holes and overlapped wrap that falls onto a lug hole. This exacto knife can also be used for the entire job as shown in our video.


Step 4. - Now for the finishing touches, re-install all hardware. Hopefully you took some extra time to polish all your chrome. Your drum set is complete. You have now transformed your drums into a work of art that will last for years and years of drumming.








 Jon Larsen Of Volbeat

Chris Worley Of Jackyl with a custom Bum Wrap set !

February 2014 review in Drumhead Magazine
Digital Drummer Magazine February 2014 review

 JIMMY CHALFANT OF KIX rockin some custom Bum Wraps !


Dr. Dogg's Eric Slick with a custom Bum Wrap Set !

drum wrap designs PICTURED- LACEWOOD INLAY
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