Samples for .80 each !!

We know you want to be sure of our products before investing a couple hundred bucks right? Well, here you can grab a design or two or three for a couple bucks just to confirm the quality or color or whatever you may be looking to do.


I know....charge for a sample? Well here is the deal people. We get a ton of requests for samples. The product does cost money so by purchasing you're telling us yes I am very interested. It also keeps us organized with a valid shipping address and designs you want. Should you buy wraps after receiving samples ....just remind us and we will gladly discount what you have in samples (up to 5.00 max discount) off your total minus shipping !!!!


Each sample is 3"x 3". Please put your design in the comment box and we will ship out to you in 8-12 days. It can take a bit longer to get these out as we fill these in with current ongoing be patient. Click the link below to purchase a sample.

We no longer send out custom colors or designs as samples...sorry only stock designs. Custom colors/designs will be emailed in digital form.


 Jon Larsen Of Volbeat

Digital Drummer Magazine February 2014 review
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