Custom Design 101 - NEED TO KNOW!

What do need in order to get a custom design made? In order for a design to be considered, we must make sure it is high quality.


There are two routes to take. The quickest way would be to create it yourself in Photoshop or Corel Draw. Then submit to us and we will check quality and print. The second would involve sending us a HIGH rez image. The biggest confusion exists here.


Keep this in mind when you send an image for a wrap design. If the image is not panoramic then most likely will need to be cropped or tiled. I will explain this below with a series of pictures based on a design concept sent to us from an actual customer.


The following idea was for a 12" diameter x 8" depth drum. So lets figure are designed area based on these sizes. The diameter will be 12" x 3.14 = 37.68". Round up to 38" then add 1.5" for wrap overlap. So we end up with a box 39.5" long X 8" deep. Most images usually are around 1/3 or 1/2 half of this design area.





This was original image sent by the customer.

This box is the image area the 12x8 tom represents. 49.5"x 8". REMEMBER any diameter wrap needs this formula to find out how big an area for                              your image -( Diameter x 3.14 ) then add 1.5" for overlap.

Option one is to take the image and pull it (not stretch) to the length of the wrap and then crop a piece from the image like this.

Option 2 is to take image and tile it ( in this case 3 times ) 

to fill image area . When you tile the image it creates a mirror effect of the image                                                          where they meet as shown in this image.

How do I find a large enough image to use for my wrap?

If your not a graphic designer and you want to send us a picture it must be minimum 1200x 1600 dpi. So when you search your image with google here are the following steps to get us the best image:

1. Search you image in google

2. Click images on the tool bar, then click search tools.

3. Click on size and then larger than and finally click 2MP.


This will filter all images that fall into the 1200x 1600 category NEEDED FOR A GREAT DESIGN.


 Jon Larsen Of Volbeat

Digital Drummer Magazine February 2014 review
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