Happy Bum Wrapped !

Here are actual photos we recieve all the time from our customers . We can do do just about anything except sparkles.  We have reproduced a similar version of 1960 Black pearl which is located in our oyster section. If sparkle finish is what you desire then your not finding it here.


If it's super high resolution custom designs or unbelievable wood images you seek then you found the right company. No upcharges ever. Send us your idea or your image. We can incorporate any fade or color combo to most anything we sell !

Unbelievable drum transformations !!


 Jon Larsen Of Volbeat

Chris Worley Of Jackyl with a custom Bum Wrap set !

February 2014 review in Drumhead Magazine
Digital Drummer Magazine February 2014 review

 JIMMY CHALFANT OF KIX rockin some custom Bum Wraps !


Dr. Dogg's Eric Slick with a custom Bum Wrap Set !

drum wrap designs PICTURED- LACEWOOD INLAY